Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Okay, so I've taken loads of advice over the past two weeks regarding the importance of blogging- getting yourself out there and visible to the world.  I've written only two blogs so far (this being the third) and I have gotten some feed-back, a few nice comments, and met many new friends. Yay!

I am also following roughly  29 blogs here on Blogger Dashboard...and about 16-18 more from Networked blogs and miscellaneous other sights.  I love reading blogs!  I love learning new things about writing and publishing and how other writers spend their busy days.  It's really exciting to hear when they have a new/first book coming out! I share their joy!  :)

I've gotten a little better at Twitter too.  Learning all about the #ff and the @so and so, the difference between the home page and the Profile page, re-tweeting and messaging people.
My Twitter
So far, I have 30 followers and I am following 63!  Awesome, right?  The most awesome thing about Twitter is that if you are following someone who is "in the know" they will help you understand what the heck is going on.  Oh, and through Twitter, I found out how important it is to have an Author Page on Facebook!  My friend's link took me to another author's page who gave fantastic directions to set one up!  And so I did...  Why wouldn't I?  Many authors that I follow have two FaceBook personal and one for writing.

My Author Page
So last night, about 7p.m. or so, I go to the Page section of Face Book and begin filling out the data for my new Author Page! Whoopee!  About 8 1/2 hours later...I go to bed.  Yes, after 3:30a.m.  I am far more computer/face-book/twitter/blog- illiterate than I ever realized.  But now I know.  And after all, we should never stop learning.  What I've learned is this:  I have not spent nearly enough time actually writing lately.  (Other than my three blogs)  I have met many wonderful new friends, and hope to meet many more.  I have gotten excellent information and advice from being so "connected."  And for that I am grateful.  But my new goal is to get on a better schedule.  To set aside specific time just for writing.  Because after all, that is what I want to do above all else.  Write!

But heck - as long as I spent the time setting it up, feel free to check out my Author Page and Like me!  :)

There's a link on the right side of this blog ----------------------------------->

Again I must ask:  Wish me luck!
PS.  I just looked up at my Google-Reader-Notifier...There are 20 New Blogs waiting for me to read.  I think I may need a bit more than just luck. :p

How do you other writers out there schedule your time to include reading blogs, writing blogs, tweeting, face-book updating-- and still find enough time for writing? I'm thinking the answer may be not getting online until the writing goal is met for the day.

Here's a link to the awesome Nathan Bransford whose blog tells you how to "Facebook for Authors"

For reading! 

               Sharon :)


  1. Get to writing MOTHER! Get off of the internet and get to writing... :p

  2. Cute post,daughter! But you are right...getting off the internet is definitely the key! xo

  3. I've finally figured it out. You just need a 48 hour day, and possibly a ten day week. I'm sure you'll get back to writing productivity.

  4. Congrats on getting involved in the social networking arena! Oh and stop by my blog when you get the chance? There's something waiting for you... :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  5. Very nice blog, Sharon! It's a labor of love; trust me. And time is certainly an issue once you start, especially if you are working on a novel at the same time. Once that's pubbed, you'll start another, and STILL be marketing. Better learn how to juggle, girlfriend!

  6. You blog looks great, Sharon! I'm in the same situation; finding time to write is becoming increasingly difficult. Twitter, in particular, can become quite addictive. I find myself on it way too much. If you find a good solution to that issue, let me know!

  7. Angela: I'd like to thank you once again for that page one critique! I appreciate any advice I can get!

    Pam: Thank you! And I am working on two novels at the same time...I guess I am a glutton for punishment. Watch me juggle!

    Lisa: Thanks you! At this point, I think I spend more time on FaceBook than Twitter...only because I am still in the learning stages of Tweeting...

    In order to keep my sanity, I think I am going to take the advice of another blogger I read just yesterday who said that SLOW BLOGGING can be good. So I am going to continue writing my one blog per week rather than trying to cram even more in. I do like to sleep now and then... :)


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