Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Sentence Saturday!

I feel exactly like this lady today! I swear, I think it would be easier to write another book than to come up with new ideas for blogging!  I spent the past few days moving my WIP (work in progress) over to Microsoft Word and then going over it for the final edits.  That was fun compared to this!

Here is my current brain scan!-------->

So, it's really a good thing I ventured over to FaceBook this morning while I was trying to come up some profound thoughts on writing, blogging, and life in general. I happened upon one of my most favorite profiles, and I'm sure some of you know her, or are following her blog.  Novel Publicity, aka Emlyn Chand.  She has a fantastic site for writers.  I've learned so much from her about getting yourself out there in the world of social networking, and she has a lot of good stuff about writing in general.  Feel free to check her out yourself. If you are a writer, you will not regret it!

Here is her blog link:
and her Page on FB:

And in the meantime, since many of my followers here do not follow Emlyn, I am going to steal her idea for today's blog!!  (She won't mind - she's so awesome)
(plus I asked her!)

This question is for Authors, however if I get a bunch of comments, you Readers will enjoy it too!!
(which means you will have to click on the link to follow the comments or come back periodically to read them)

What is the first sentence of your book/novel/work in progress?
You can add the title too!

I will post mine first and a little photo to set the scene:

The sound of the blood rushing past my eardrums echoed the roar of my pounding heart.

For those of you who have read chapter one of Ravenswynd, you will probably notice that, once again, I have changed the beginning.  Hopefully, this change is for the better.  Let me know what you think!  

Don't forget to post your first sentence.  This will be fun!  

Thanks for reading and commenting!!


  1. I was raised to be a man, however, as I learned later the template was flawed

  2. Grown women didn’t lurk in trees and spy on people, and that’s how it would look if someone discovered her.

    That's mine for the moment. It changes regularly. I like yours, Sharon. Interesting.

    Anonymous, that's a terrific line.

    1. Here's the published version for Time of Death. It took many tries and I can only hope this one's interesting enough.

      Startled by the approach of two men in business suits, Alex wobbled on her perch in the great oak.

  3. You guys are going to be blown away by the first sentence of Farsighted - "Could you pass the butter?" It just reeks of Paranormal YA all over, doesn't it?

    And here's the first line of my picture book:

    "Since the day he hatched, Honey was a very curious little bird."

    And here's the first line of my women's fic novel, undergoing a total makeover now:

    "Daly dragged herself into St. Anthony’s Middle School probably more displeased about the end of vacation than the students."

  4. Here's the first line from my WIP, The Seven Noble Knights of Lara. It's all subject to change!!!

    "The stars twinkled over Zamora."

    Fascinating, huh? Like Emlyn's paranormal YA, this first short sentence is meant to make you read the next one for more info. Love Ellis Vidler's line! Just enough information to intrigue.

    1. I changed the first sentence so many times I've lost track! The published version (coming in 2016) will be something like this:
      Gonzalo González peered between the wild grasses where once had grown someone’s grain.

  5. Although this will change a million times, here is the first line from Bloody Sunset:

    "Mackenzie McMichaels...her name alone didn't incite fear or induce panic in the streets."

    Yeah, I'll change it. Sharon, yours is much more intriguing, as is everyone else's!

  6. I actually opened with dialogue for a change with this one:

    “We’re here to kidnap you.”

    (It's a contemporary romance) LOL!!

  7. You guys are all great for doing this! And I like all of them!
    Hope we get a bunch more!!

  8. The first line from Avenging Annabelle:

    "Jim dug in the dark of night, sweat dripping from his brow in spite of the brisk autumn air."

  9. "The sound of heavy rain pouring is making rhythmic noises outside large white windows."

    That's the first line of the DOME. It sounds awkward when you read it. I just realized that now...

  10. Three weddings ago, when my best girlfriend, Claudia Porter-Bellman, got married, I swore it would be the last one I would ever attend until I was the bride.

    That's the first sentence from my upcoming novel, (fall 2011), Molly Hacker Is Too Picky!

  11. "I'd just like to state for the record that all of you people out there in love, it's your own damn fault."

    This is the first line of my WIP FALCON PUNCH. The only current WIP that does not open up with a line of obscenities.

    Great idea Sharon. Can't wait to see what others post here.

  12. What a great idea. Hey, all of you aspiring writers out there....I just LOVE all these first lines. Makes me want to read, read, read.

  13. 'The snow melted under her paws.'

    Ya/MG fantasy.

    That's been the first line since pretty much day one, though it used to belong to a prologue. I turned it into chapter one and axed the prologue so it's still line one.

    Jennifer Shirk, I'm digging yours!

  14. The bandana tasted like miso soup with a blood-based broth.

  15. "May 14, 2029, my 81st birthday, was also the day I died...but fortunately, I'm feeling a bit better today."

    First line of a WIP to be titled SLEEPING UNDER RUNWAYS.

    Can't wait to read some of these...

  16. I am so impressed by all of these first lines! I agree with the second anonymous (hi mom!), these are all making me want to READ more!!
    Thanks everyone!
    Hope we get more first lines this week!!

  17. Ha! I keep tweaking it, but here goes:

    Severe?...ha! Eliza drove her ladybug Volkswagen through sheets of rain and thunder arguing with lightning.

  18. "In truth he had no name, but everyone he met called him Edward."

    From "The Book of Wisdom Lost: The Life & Times of An Anonymous 18th-Century Philosophe" by J. Harrison Kemp.

  19. Skid lay in his own vomit drool leaking from his cracked, bleeding lip and running down his swollen, bruised cheek.

  20. Wonderful post! Are all your entries this rich and varied? I see I have some serious scrolling to do here. Looking forward to more. Thank you for your generosity. Peace and all good things for you in writing and in life.


  21. Wow! There are some interesting first lines here. This was fun to read. Thanks, Sharon.

  22. This was great fun, and I'm glad you enjoyed this post, D.M.Solis. I'm thinking since 5 days have passed, perhaps I will repost the link and we'll get a few more first lines!!
    Thanks everyone! :)

  23. "She came home from Deployment a changed woman."

    The book is called "The Dilettante".

    Reading through some of these other sentences; there's some incredibly clever lines here. I'm envious.

  24. Awesome first lines...all of you! Thanks for all the comments too! :)

  25. Anyone with a job struggles with work/life balance, but no one as much as working mothers. We have to deal with all the whining and crying and temper tantrums, AND go home and take care of our children, too.

    This is the opening line of the title story in my upcoming short story collection, "Pecan Pie, Cigars, and the One and Only Secret to Happiness."

    Thanks for posting this, Susan! I enjoyed reading everyone's first lines.

  26. Hi Sharon, I always like to see your stuff...
    Here is a first paragraph for you.

    From Marla Todd - a first paragraph:

    Richard drank a giant glass of water. He was going to have one hell of a hang over in the morning. It had been a big night of celebration at the paper. Five awards for international and technology reporting. He staggered up to his bedroom. The only thing that would make the night perfect would be having a woman in his bed. On the other hand if that were the case there would be worse complications than a hang-over. All he wanted was a simple uncomplicated woman. Someone he could marry. What he had was a history of complicated women.

    Have fun Sharon!

  27. I posted mine as a reply to the one I did in 2011. Now I'm not sure I like the new one better. Oh, well, never satisfied. :-)

    1. That's so true! It's like we're in a constant editing mode...nearly impossible to be finished!!!


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