Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Space for Writing

I've often imagined what kind of room I'd design if I could have my very own space for writing. It would have to be spacious, yet cozy.  It would be far away from the noise of the rest of the house.  I would like a few windows with beautiful views and of course, loads of book shelves and a comfy chair or two for reading.

I could picture myself in a room like the one above.  There's a big bright window, a fire-place for those cold Wisconsin winters, and a place for all of my books.  I would exchange the portrait above the fire-place for a Monet, and perhaps I'd like more modern carpeting, but everything else looks inviting to me.

Currently my writing desk is in our living room: half-way between the kitchen and the television.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  After all, I am usually home alone most of the day anyway.  But a writer can dream!
~ ~ ~

In a blog I read recently, the author said he had to move his writing room to the other side of the house.  The picture window that over-looked the ocean was too much of a distraction for him! (The Horror!)  If I want to look out of my window, I have to crank my head over my right shoulder - no scenic distractions happening around here!

This is a view of my little writing corner:  It will do for now...and I'm glad I finally got the bookcases.

And speaking of books...I am challenging myself to read at least two books per month.  To some of you that may sound like nothing...however, it is a real challenge to me since I tend to compare my writing to published authors which, at times, can make me feel a bit intimidated.  But I am very aware of  the saying: To be a good writer, you must read!  So - I am reading.  Right now I am reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and an e-book called Origins, by Sean Hayden.  (Vampires!)

Where do you do the majority of your writing?  Are you easily distracted by noise or windows with a view?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Unfortunately I write at the same desk I work. Its a lovely office with red and gold walls and a big old fashioned desk. I love it, but its hard to relax and focus on my writing when I'm in the space I spend all day. It makes it hard to remove the stress of my work day from the joy of my writing. Working from home has it's bonuses and I can't QUITE complain, but I do find it difficult to settle in for a good long writing session without feeling like I should do some work.

  2. A delightful post on one of my favorite topics to dream about-- the writer's retreat. For years I've had the persistent fantasy that one day I would have an amazing library and study, complete with high-ceilinged bookshelves and library ladders on wheels. For years I've been buying books with that unrealistic dream in mind. Given my limited storage space, I finally had to learn how to part with a book or two... not an easy psychological feat!

    Library or not, I can't complain. I loved your post and love the topic. (If you want to take a peek, I blogged about it last year: ) Write on, Sharon.

  3. Sharon, I too dream of a dark paneled room with space to write or sit and read by the window and/or a fireplace...but for now I work from my laptop on a TV tray! I also write on the couch or on the patio. Once I get into my writing, I am not easily distracted. If I am just surfing blog posts or tweeting, I can get easily distracted. Great post!

  4. Pavarti: I can imagine that would be hard too: writing at the same place you work. I am fortunate these days, as I am not working and can do whatever I want to at my desk! Unfortunately, there are some days that too much time is spent on the social network sites...and not enough time writing!

    Brenda: I read your post (and left a comment) We have the same dream...a huge room for books and writing! Somehow, even with all our moving around, I've managed to hang onto all my books! And it is so exciting to finally have big sturdy bookcases to put them in. There are actually 4, but the one is on the wall of the dining room. I'm glad you liked my post today! :)

    L.Dean: I wouldn't mind having a laptop for those days when I am tired of sitting at the desk...But I am sure if I was on the couch with the tv on, major distraction would ensue! Sometimes the surfing and tweeting is enough of a distraction as it is! Sitting out on a patio would be awesome in nice weather too! :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I love love your ideal writing room. It is also as I imagine mine to be. But alas, I probably will never live that lifestyle to have something so enchanging with a beautiful window with a spectacular view of either ocean or wood or meadow. It is nice to dream though. I would put the bullfighter, Gallito, print that I currently have over my fireplace which I bought when I was in Sevilla, Spain. I love that picture. *Sigh* I write on two separate laptops. One sits on an old t.v. stand and I sit cross-legged on a huge comfy cushion on the floor (printer is connected below it); I carry my other laptop and wi-fi hotspot thingy wherever I go, bookstore, or the park when I'm with my dogs, or in the back yard on blankets with my dogs and surrounded by trees and birds and nature. I get most creative when I sit outside; or, late at night sitting on my bed with the laptop on my lap. I love being surrounded by all of my favorite books and I'm like you, I always compare the genius writers with my writing and never feel satisfied that I will ever be as good at anyone. I have low self-esteem. Ha! Also, one of those favorite books that has been read and re-read is Jane Eyre. I've read that book about 15 or 16 times since I've been in 6th grade! I wish we lived nearby so that we can go together to see the new Jane Eyre movie that is out right now! I own the DVD of my favorite Jane Eyre movie with George C. Scott as Rochester. I so love that movie. :) Sorry for rambling. xoxoxox

  7. Grammy,
    Fortunately i have a small space to write it isn't as comfortable as everyone thinks. I do confine myself to my room but mostly for reading. And when i've been writing, it's at school in front of a computer. :/
    i wish i had my own place, somewhere i could make my own. Pretty soon, after i finish a couple books and become as famous as Stephenie Meyer, J.k Rowling and Stephen King, i will have a place to call my own. One where i'll have every aspect of my life showing as to where i write.

  8. Diana, The places you write sound pretty cool too, especially outside surrounded by trees birds and nature!
    I am thinking of crawling into bed early tonight and seeing if I can finish Jane Eyre...and YES!!! I also wish you lived closer, I would LOVE to go see the new movie! I have not even seen the old one...maybe I'll rent it and compare the two with the book!
    You are not rambling...I am glad you commented, and I love to read anything you have to say! :) xoxo

    Rachael my granddaughter:
    Some day you will have your own place with your own writing space...but first you must finish school! If you ever become as famous (and rich) as Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling or Stephen King...This grandma will expect you to build me that dream room I always talk about! hehe JK...but we definitely must travel together!! xoxo

  9. That was a great post. And I love that picture of the room. But even more, that welcoming mind-picture of your future writer's retreat. But wait! You're not alone there. Look over your shoulder; that's ME there in the corner near the window, reading one of your recently published, highly acclaimed books and watching you write the sequel.

  10. Anon: Awwww...That's so cute, mom! xoxo

  11. Sharon, I'm sad to admit this, but I currently have my desk set up in a corner of my kids' playroom. It's not a big playroom, either.
    My writemates consist of Thomas the Tank Engine, Hiccup, Dora the Explorer and a rather obnoxiously large stuffed cow, whom I like to call Herbert. I also currently have no less than 17 crayons scattered around my computer and I've just noticed Optimus Prime to my right.
    Luxurious, don't you think?

  12. S.B.: Don't be sad! 20 years from now you will look back and wonder how the years flew by so fast! Enjoy these days while you have them! :)
    I bet the kids love having you at your computer/desk while they play nearby!!
    So, yes...your room sounds luxurious!!

  13. I write with my laptop, on the couch. It's not very glamorous. We have an office, but I just can't write there; somehow it seems claustrophobic and way too quiet for me. Your current space looks amazing (LOVE the tall bookcases), and your "dream space" is the kind of room I would want if I had the chance to create such a room!

  14. Lisa:I love my bookcases too! For years I had a bunch of mismatched shelves and a small computer desk that matched none of them. These are definitely a huge improvement, and I'm not complaining at all...but I still can't help but to dream of a huge room like the one above. Fireplace, huge windows, floor to ceiling bookshelves...beautiful art work. Sigh...someday...


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