Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3-Day Birthday Surprise!

This post is dedicated to my mom who turned 80 on the 27th.  We had a surprise birthday party for her at a local park. The weather cooperated with our plans too: it was breezy, sunny, and in the 70's.  The location was great as well.  There was a nice shelter with loads of picnic tables, indoor restrooms, basketball hoops, a baseball diamond, swings and plenty of green grass for the kids to run around on.

Family came from Santa Fe, New Mexico - St.Cloud, Minnesota - Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Johnson Creek, Wisconsin.  We had an awesome time, lots of food, fun and drinks, and we got to visit with each other for 3 days.  Mom had a blast seeing her kids, grandkids and great grandkids.



Pam and Ron

Cousins: Nora and Travis

Mom and me 

Grammy Pammy and Nora

My granddaughter-Rachael




My grandson, Travis

Mom and Liana

Rachael and Nora
Later on after the picnic, we met at the Motel where everyone was staying and had even more fun! 


 Mom relaxing with her newly planted flowers and enjoying the soft music of her new wind chimes. Everyone hung out at both mom's house and my house, and then later back to the motel for more swimming and pizza.  

Rach, Nora, Travis and Ron


A great time was had by all.  But as much fun as it is to see family, once they all leave for their homes far away, we all miss one another so much.  It's hard to say goodbye.  This was our last day together...some of us had breakfast together, and then we took lots of pictures.                                        


Mike - Pam - Sharon - Richard

Four generations: Liana and Nora, Pam, Mom

All is quiet here in Waupun.  Mom stopped over for a cup of coffee this morning and we reminisced about our three days.  I'm glad you had a happy birthday, mom!  ♥

More photos coming soon on facebook...
Have a great week!


  1. What a lovely celebration! Your mother looks good and you have a nice family. Enjoy them all!

  2. Awwwww Sharon, how sweet ! What great photos, what great memories, what a great time I had. Thank you dear, and thank you all, a million times. Mom

  3. Very nice but not enough photos of Mike. Guess who wrote this!

  4. Thanks, Ellis! I do enjoy them all, and miss them when they're not here...

    Mom you are very welcome! ♥

    Anonymous: There are NO pictures of (my)Mike, because he would freak it is, if you notice the only one I put up of Josh has his face covered! He is also against photos online...
    But my guess is that you are talking about my brother Mike...and in that case, the post is from Nina! There are many more that I will post on facebook...asap.

  5. It's nice when they do smile for the camera but I understand. You're right. C'est moi!

  6. :) Wish you could have was so much fun!

  7. Wow, your mom's 80 and thank God, still healthy! What a wonderful family you have! :-)


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