Monday, August 22, 2011

Are We Done Yet?




  And more


A lot of this:


                     and a little of that:

         And all I want is this:

Now, I'm not quite feeling this bad...

                                               But I sometimes feel like this

To make matters worse, I've read that average fiction novels are anywhere between 70,000 and 100,000 words.  Well, now what do I do?  Should I worry about the numbers, or divide my novel into two? Take a gander at my word count...

And being so engrossed in the daily activities of editing...I find it hard to read anything else. I find mistakes all over the place, even on my grocery store receipts! 

While perusing the net for cute photos of editing/re-writing, I came across a couple of cute cartoons...Now don't get me wrong, 

             But... this is just too cute to pass up...(Hi Amy!)

I wish we could do this!

I'm sure there are times she (my editor/sister-in-law/dear friend, Amy) feels like I am not listening when she makes suggestions...and she'd like to say this to me:

But, in all seriousness, I would like to thank my "editor", Amy, for all her awesome help, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement throughout this whole process.  She is such a sweetheart, through and through.  I love you, Sis!  

But seriously,

Have a great week!

And remember:


  1. Ha !! This was so funny & accurate !! Don't fret over word count - break rules !!

  2. LOL (llol because we often say lol and only laugh on the inside which should be loi but I literally laughed out loud!)
    Amy is awesome! I can't for you to finish this, get it published, make your millions (our millions) and take us all on a vacation together so we can all visit!! :)

  3. Sharon, this was great! Very entertaining! Loved the cartoons and pictures. Now my desk looks like the near naked guy's. Your desk even when editing I'm sure is a picture of near perfecto! Happy editing!

  4. Thou shall not edit with a firearm on the desk. Loved this post, how true indeed

  5. Amy edits mine too! That's why I'd like to thank her also!!! <3
    This was really funng and cute though! It made me smile, even in the midst of my headache.:) Way to go Gma!!! xoxoxo

  6. Soozie: I plan on breaking rules...I can't help myself!

    Brandi: Millions? Glad someone has faith in me!haha

    DiAnne:I really hope your desk doesn't have ALL of the stuff that guys had!

  7. howlinwoolf: Agreed!!!

    Rachael: Thanks, sweetie. Hope you stop with all the headaches!

  8. Cute. Have you ever tried doing your projects in Scrivener, a really powerful and cool software application for writers developed eight years ago for Mac users, but now in Beta and soon to come out for Windows PC users. Only something like $45 and it allows you to coordinate everything in the software project, no scraps of paper or file cards here and there, and perfect for collaborating back and forth with an editor.

  9. Ron, I will certainly check that software out...I have been waiting for Scrivner to come out for PC's...I've heard great things about it. :)

  10. Wow! Well said (and shown). I know just what you mean. Glad to have found your blog! :)

  11. When I was writing my fourth book, I just remember writing a draft is easy but editing is the hardest part even if I will have someone edit it or proofreading it. It stress me out. So, I am removing my stress, I stop writing and do some reading. I hope all goes well with your manuscript!

  12. Thanks for the comments, Kimberly and Annie!

    I took the past few days off of editing...hoping to gain some more strength to keep going! wish me luck!
    Sharon :)

  13. I agree regarding the editing process. I hate it and it gives me such a headache. I am in the middle of my novel's last round of editing /proofreading before my novel goes to the printers press and after it is all over I am taking a lot of time off and do me some reading of others work.

  14. Time off...THAT sounds like a vacation! Good luck with your last round, and I can't wait to see your book in print, Rhonda!

    Thanks for following!
    Sharon :)

  15. hahahahaha - this was so totally delightful. Thanks for posting the link on my page. I'll go subscribe right now.

  16. Thanks for the comments, Anna and Julie!

    And thanks for following too!! :)


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