Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Me Blue

For any of you reading this who really know me, you know that I very rarely get depressed or down. That is not who I am.  However, once a year I get a little blue.  At this time of year, I feel like I am all alone, and no one out there really knows how I am feeling.  After all, I don't know anyone else who has gone through exactly what I have.  I am not seeking sympathy.  Perhaps a few nods of understanding, or a few whispered prayers.  I don't see this situation ever changing after all these years, but I do believe anything is possible.

For those of you who do not know me, let me tell you a little story in pictures:

Once upon a time

I had a son

Until he was 14

I will not go into details except to say that in 1985 he moved in with his father and to this day, we do not speak- and it is not by my choosing.  Tomorrow is his birthday.  He will be turning 40. I had always hoped that he would have a change of heart far before this time.  I can't help but to feel that he just doesn't care.
After all:
  And since he chooses to ignore any and all of my attempts to contact him through the years, I have no other recourse than to believe that my feelings are correct.

I will never stop loving him, and I will continue to pray for him and his family each and every day.  Regardless of how long it takes, I will be here waiting.

In the mean time, there is always a slight chance he could stumble upon this blog after seeing it on his sister's page.  So, therefore:

 and remember:

Do any of you have deep emotional things in your life that either helps or hinders you in your writing?  At times like this, I find it almost impossible to write anything, so I will concentrate instead on editing.
And here is my wish for all of you today:

As always, thanks for reading.

Mother and Child statues from:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dawn and Another List

You would think that because I've been wide awake far before sunrise today, my blog would be finished -  seeing as it is after 10:00 a.m.  But once again, I got side-tracked on Face-Book and email.  Thank goodness I did not open Twitter yet: I'd still be there...

Since I was awake, I threw open my blinds and decided to catch the sunrise.  Yep,  --------->
awake before dawn, and still not finished with my list. This photo taken with my phone is not as cool as the one at the top of the page.  My son took that one somewhere here in Wisconsin.  Isn't it pretty?

And speaking of lists, I have a short one today.  Who wants to take bets that I actually get it all done and don't fritter away the day online?  Maybe I need to invent a new word for that.  Twitbook...Twitface...Facemail...  I'm sure there are many more combinations.  I saw one online some time ago that included MySpace too:  TwitMyFace   :)

<-----This is my actual list for today!  I don't make a list every day but lately I'm finding that having one does make me want to accomplish more - and the good feeling you get when you cross things off makes it that much better.  And to be honest, there are days when I have to write things down in order to remember to do them!  I hope that doesn't mean that eventually I will have to write everything down!
Here's my future list:
1. Take a shower
2. Get dressed
3. Make coffee *
4. Write

*I have to ask...have any of you seen that stupid commercial that makes it look like such a horrid chore to make coffee or stand in line for one?
Wow.  Give me coffee any day over that tiny bottle of energy.
I drink coffee for the taste, not to wake up, and really, I will never have to write that down on any list.

So, tell me about your lists.  Do you find that writing one keeps you on track? Do you write a new list every day, or are you more sporadic, like I am?

On Writing reminders: When I am in the midst of writing, I find that by keeping a notebook of the major scenes in each chapter, main characters and their descriptions, and a general time-line of events, I am better organized.  I know some writers do an outline prior to beginning a story.  I cannot do that. I discover the story as I am writing, and then must keep track after the fact!

Each novel I write is a bit different in the way it plays out too.  I knew the ending of Ravenswynd before I knew the middle.  My time-travel book is an on-going discovery and I still have no idea how it will end.

What about your writing process - do you outline first and write later?  Do you know how your story ends before you begin, or does it come to you as you write?  Curious minds need to know.

Thanks for taking the time to read!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dreams of Everyday People

I've had dreams on my mind lately.  The other day my daughter told me about a very disturbing nightmare she had that kept her awake for hours afterwards.  And then later that day I saw a few posts on Face-Book that told about bad dreams and the inability to sleep the previous night.

The next day we all heard about the horrendous earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.  It made me wonder if perhaps some of us felt something terrible coming.

I am finding it difficult to write anything cute or light-hearted today after seeing all those videos on the news.  My heart and prayers go out to all the victims and their families.  I cannot even begin to fathom the terror and devastation they've gone through, nor the extreme hardships they will face in the coming months.
God be with the people of Japan.

I am curious about how many others feel that dreams are sometimes given to us to prepare us for things to come, or perhaps even to spark creative ideas. Whether you believe it's God speaking to your inner spirit, or your own mind working over-time, we all have those dreams that make us wonder.

Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man a Dante or Shakespeare. ~H.F. Hedge~

      A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read. 
   ~The Talmud~

Both of my novels were triggered by dreams.  Ravenswynd was sparked by the most vivid and realistic dream I had had in ages.  I woke up at 2 a.m. and jotted down the highlights immediately.  The following day I composed the first three chapters before I even got to the dream sequence and, when I finally wrote that scene, it was some of the easiest writing I had ever done - simply because the dream had been so tangible.

Where do you think your creative sparks comes from?  Do you ever have dreams that you've turned into novel ideas?  What are your thoughts on dreams in general?

As always, thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

♫ Bloggin ♪ Twitterin ♪ Facebookin ♪ Writin ♫

My Blog
Okay, so I've taken loads of advice over the past two weeks regarding the importance of blogging- getting yourself out there and visible to the world.  I've written only two blogs so far (this being the third) and I have gotten some feed-back, a few nice comments, and met many new friends. Yay!

I am also following roughly  29 blogs here on Blogger Dashboard...and about 16-18 more from Networked blogs and miscellaneous other sights.  I love reading blogs!  I love learning new things about writing and publishing and how other writers spend their busy days.  It's really exciting to hear when they have a new/first book coming out! I share their joy!  :)

I've gotten a little better at Twitter too.  Learning all about the #ff and the @so and so, the difference between the home page and the Profile page, re-tweeting and messaging people.
My Twitter
So far, I have 30 followers and I am following 63!  Awesome, right?  The most awesome thing about Twitter is that if you are following someone who is "in the know" they will help you understand what the heck is going on.  Oh, and through Twitter, I found out how important it is to have an Author Page on Facebook!  My friend's link took me to another author's page who gave fantastic directions to set one up!  And so I did...  Why wouldn't I?  Many authors that I follow have two FaceBook personal and one for writing.

My Author Page
So last night, about 7p.m. or so, I go to the Page section of Face Book and begin filling out the data for my new Author Page! Whoopee!  About 8 1/2 hours later...I go to bed.  Yes, after 3:30a.m.  I am far more computer/face-book/twitter/blog- illiterate than I ever realized.  But now I know.  And after all, we should never stop learning.  What I've learned is this:  I have not spent nearly enough time actually writing lately.  (Other than my three blogs)  I have met many wonderful new friends, and hope to meet many more.  I have gotten excellent information and advice from being so "connected."  And for that I am grateful.  But my new goal is to get on a better schedule.  To set aside specific time just for writing.  Because after all, that is what I want to do above all else.  Write!

But heck - as long as I spent the time setting it up, feel free to check out my Author Page and Like me!  :)

There's a link on the right side of this blog ----------------------------------->

Again I must ask:  Wish me luck!
PS.  I just looked up at my Google-Reader-Notifier...There are 20 New Blogs waiting for me to read.  I think I may need a bit more than just luck. :p

How do you other writers out there schedule your time to include reading blogs, writing blogs, tweeting, face-book updating-- and still find enough time for writing? I'm thinking the answer may be not getting online until the writing goal is met for the day.

Here's a link to the awesome Nathan Bransford whose blog tells you how to "Facebook for Authors"

For reading! 

               Sharon :)

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