Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vacations and Reunions and Weddings, Oh MY!

As you may have noticed, I have not posted a new blog since September 12th.  I had been deep in editing mode for weeks and weeks.  I posted a few excerpts here and there, and got a few awesome responses! (Thanks!)

The past few weeks I've been getting ready to travel to California.  My nephew is getting married in San Diego and I've been shopping, organizing, planning and packing.  I'll be taking my beautiful daughter Brandi along, since dear hubby is too busy with his practice.

I am so excited, I won't be able to sleep tonight...and I have to get up by 4a.m., drive to Waukesha to pick Brandi up, and then head to the Milwaukee airport.  We have a short layover in Denver and then we head to San Diego.  I have always wanted to see California, and can't wait to see the Pacific ocean.  I've seen the Gulf of Mexico, been to many states, and to Montreal, but there is just something about the Pacific.  

The rehearsal dinner is on the beach!! 

This is where we're staying:
Bahia Resort Hotel

The reception is on a boat called the Stearnwheeler:

The "reunion" of family members is going to be awesome!  Many of us live in different states.  Only one brother and his family, plus my kids are still in Wisconsin.  I have family members in: Arizona, New Mexico, Alabama, Texas, Maryland, Minnesota, and Nevada. (hope I didn't miss any)

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go:

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