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May the New Year be filled with all that is beautiful.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas!

December is such a busy busy...and there is no time to do a real blog. (I seriously do not understand how anyone else out there finds the time to blog more often than once a week and still keep up with everything else, especially just before the holidays.) So, in light of my busyness...

I thought I'd put a short excerpt here from Ravenswynd...and if anyone is interested in reading more, you can check out the Excerpts page above!  
I'm a little over halfway through the final edits. (669 pages: 210,527 words)

Please let me know what you think!

From chapter 12: The Calm Before the Storm

...I called down the stairs, “Is it okay if I check out the veranda?”
   “Of course. Take your time; I am not quite ready yet.” I could hear the smile in his voice. 
  I set my purse down on the table, taking some time to smell the roses. Their delicate sweet fragrance reminded me a velvety-fresh spring morning. I inhaled again, enjoying the deliciousness of the moment. Upon opening the glass door, a cool breeze drifted in; not at all like our freezing wind earlier in the week. I was flushed from the wine and heat of the fireplace... and the air felt refreshing on my warm face. I stepped through the door into the night. Bright light from the full moon fell on an angle between the trees, lighting up a small section of the veranda. As I peered over the railing, and looked down, I found that our suite appeared to be the highest point of the building. Far below, a few individuals strolled through the garden pathways, though they looked quite small from this vantage point, appearing to be nothing more than shadows moving among the trees and bushes. I glanced back up into the sky as a thin cloud passed over the moon, making it appear hazy. As the cloud moved away, it left a pale, thin ring circling around it. I marveled at how visible the night sky was here. With no buildings or street lights nearby, the stars sparkled brilliantly like a million pieces of glitter tossed across a huge black canvas. Some of them shone steady and clear, and others blurry and winking. I spotted the constellation of Orion. The distinct row of the three brightest stars of his belt made it easy for me to find. I leaned over the railing and glanced down again taking in a deep breath. A soft breeze billowed through my hair, clean and crisp, bringing along the scent of fallen leaves sprinkled with dampness. These aromas mingled with the fragrance of the flowers from below and the candles burning behind me through the open door. I took another breath, sighing softly. It was a beautiful autumn night. I was unbelievably relaxed. The calmness I felt now was quite unexpected and completely amazed me since I knew full well: this was the last day of my life...


Thanks for reading...and don't forget to check out the excerpt page above for more bits of my story. 

And in case I continue to find myself too busy to blog this month, I hope you all have a very

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