Thursday, March 15, 2012


I miss Doctor Who!  I can't wait for the next season to start.  For those of you who are clueless, Doctor Who is a BBC television show that's been around (on and off) since 1963.  The Doctor is from the planet of Gallifrey.  He's a Time Lord who travels throughout the universe anywhere and any time.  He is sort of immortal: instead of staying dead, he regenerates into another body. There have been 11 doctors so far, and I started seriously watching the show a few years ago with the 9th Doctor. (Christopher Eccleston)

It's one of those shows that keep me wanting more, even though many of the episodes are sort of corny. (Some of the creatures from other planets are any way.)  But I love the background stories; how the Doctor gets along with his companion(s), how he loves the human race -even though we are bent on destruction, and I love the crazy way he works through problems.  I also love how I can get so lost in each episode, thinking all the problems are solved, only to find out in another episode months later, there was/is a connection, and something that happened back then, now means far more than we all thought it meant! (You'd have to see a whole season to understand)  I am very impressed with the writers of Doctor Who.  Their imaginations are wild, sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and sometimes downright heart-breaking.  

One of my favorites (and possibly the scariest)  Doctor Who episode is Blink. I've seen it several times, and keep it recorded on my DVR, in case I need a quick dose of the Doctor. (My favorite Doctor is/was David Tennant: the 10th Doctor) 


This clip has David Tennant as the Doctor:

Watch the video to the end if you'd like a good dose of goosebumps! 

 The small writing in the picture says:
 He's ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time...
 And he's  wonderful!

And for you wimps out there who refused to watch the video... this is what Sally Sparrow sees:

There's nothing worse than a bunch of statues that come alive and suck the life right out of you!

Even though I loved David Tennant, I'm quickly growing fond of Matt Smith, (the 11th Doctor) and I absolutely loved the episode called The Big Bang.  But all of his time travel escapades were so much fun!  This clip is with Matt Smith and is the Top 11 Cool things about time travel. 

I certainly wouldn't mind owning a Tardis of my own... 

For those of you who are not Whovians at heart, a Tardis is the blue police box that the Doctor uses for time travel.  It stands for: Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  Oh, and it's HUGE on the inside...seriously huge. 

Any other Whovians out there?  Which Doctor is your favorite?  Which episode scared you the most?  Which episode/season is your favorite? 

Have a great week!

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