Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cutting and Pasting

Yes, I'm still here...did ya

My last post was way back in March, around the 15th I think.  And the one prior to that was the one about cutting my book down.  Thanks for your comments, by the way.  I've taken everyone's feedback into consideration, (including loads of writing blogs with advice on this subject), and I found that more people advised that less is more for a first novel.  And...wait for it....wait for it...
I have finally finished "cutting...and pasting"!!  No easy task, I might add...

I just hope I've done the right thing here.  After moving chapters around, tons of editing and re-editing, I've taken what was over 215,000 words and I now have three much shorter books.  (Yes, I am still working on what used to be the sequel, and I guess it is now the 4th and last book)  In this 4th book, I already have over 43,000 words...

I'm still hoping this isn't going to be the final outcome:

I know, I've used this picture before, but every time I see it I die laughing... :)

So, after all this intensive labor, Book One now stands at 84,069 words,
Book Two is 64,823, and Book Three is 66,221.

Another thing I'm working on:  The Title (s).  I'm thinking, perhaps Ravenswynd plus another word or two.  I just don't want it to sound too corny or cliché.

I would  ♥ love ♥ some input here...(pretty please)

1. Ravenswynd - Legends Realized
2. Ravenswynd - Dreams Remembered
3. Ravenswynd - Prophesies Rendered
4. Ravenswynd - Secrets Revealed

One of these days I must write my dreaded

And my query letters!!

Am I the only writer who shivers at that thought?  Wish me luck...

Have a great week!

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