Saturday, May 19, 2012

♫ It's My Blog and I'll Rant if I Want To ♪

The Title to the Blog must be sung to the tune of "It's my party and I'll Cry if I Want To" by Leslie Gore.

If you're not familiar with it, here it is:

Is it okay to rant on your own blog?  Well, I am anyway.  I'm usually not one to complain...(at least not online) but I can't take it any more.  Even though I hate moving...(and yes, I've got tons of experience packing and unpacking since I've moved more times than I can count since DH went back to school in 95)  I am SO ready to start packing again...

I miss my house in Eagle more than any of the other places we ever lived.
These views are from my living room favorite view.





I never had that closed-in feeling while living there...our house sat about 3 blocks off the road. 

 It was always quiet unless DH was cutting the grass or plowing a field.  Cows mooing...leaves rustling, kids giggling, birds tweeting...

I think we had thirteen windows on the main floor - here I have three.
No one lived above us - here we have loud people.

I hear doors slamming, toilets flushing (more than is necessary - ocd?)
Footsteps stomping up and down the stairs.
Video games with guns and bombs going off (base up loud) as late as 11pm.
Did I mention toilets flushing (sometimes up to 5 time in a row) oy

I miss having my own house...just sayin.

Have a great (quiet) week!

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