Tuesday, December 3, 2013


As the saying goes, "Sooner or later, all things must end" and here we are - near the end of the year - and at the end of my blog...  

Yes, this is it.  My final post.

Okay, not really.  Just the last one of 2013. 
Admit it, I scared you there for a minute! 

The Holidays are upon us and everyone is busy; shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, getting together with family and friends.  So rather than bog myself down with even more work, I'm calling it quits until next year!

It's certainly been a busy year for me; one that will probably never be duplicated again, at least not in the way of publications. (5 books in one year!) Whew!

My Ravenswynd Series is finished; starting in March, I published a book every 3 months.  It was a lot of work, a bit of head-banging frustration, but it was worth it.  I'm happy it's finally finished and "out there" for the world to see (and hopefully enjoy).

I've gotten several great reviews which you can see on Amazon and/or Goodreads, and I've posted a few of them here on my blog under the heading "Reviews" (Catchy title-huh?)

And somewhere in there (if I remember correctly, it was October) I also published my first time-travel novel! River of Time.  I'm sure you've seen all of my books...over and over...and then some. (Sorry about that...but, self-publishing means self-promoting.  Please don't hate me.)

I've also updated another page here - where all 5 of my videos are posted for your viewing pleasure. (Well at least I hope you like them) You can find them under the tab called Book-trailers (Go figure)

What's on the list for next year, you ask? (I heard something)*

Lots of writing...lots of editing...and if I'm lucky, perhaps I'll even manage to publish (finally) my very first novel. (Yes! In between promoting and publishing, I've been editing it!)  It's a contemporary romance -  (Imagine that, not even a hint of paranormal this time!)  I still don't have a title pinned down for this one; I usually call it Jack and Sara whenever I'm talking about it.  I was leaning towards calling it "One Memory at a Time" but since I really didn't want this one getting mixed in with my time-travel books... perhaps I shall re-think the title.  (What do you all think? Is that title too close to the others?)

The others: 
I'm also working on two more time-travel novels. Garden of Time: about a woman who gets hurled back into the late 1800's, and another, tentatively titled Island of Time, about a woman, a man and a wolf - which I'm writing with my mother.  Fun times indeed.

So, I bid you adieu, farewell, and adios.  Until next year.  After all the decorations are put away, and all the wrapping paper thrown out, and all the leftovers are eaten. And not one minute sooner.  

Oh, I'll still be on facebook posting non-stop about my books.  Never fear, you can't get rid of me that easily! 

Thanks for reading!
Have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!

*Reference to a Seinfeld episode 
   (A show, in my opinion, that should never have ended!)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Coming December 1, 2013  - The exciting finale of the Ravenswynd Series!


                                          Turn your speakers UP!

And in honor of this release...

I'm having a GoodReads Giveaway For Book 3!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Ravenswynd Visions by Sharon Ricklin Jones

Ravenswynd Visions

by Sharon Ricklin Jones

Giveaway ends November 30, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Click to enter, and Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Novel!!

Tired of waiting for book 4 of the Ravenswynd Series?

Well, I've got something to keep you busy while you wait.  I did a bit of a survey about a month ago, and the consensus was that I should publish my time-travel book while finishing up book 4...so, I did.  (I'm sure you saw that on Facebook, unless you've been asleep)

Here's what came today by my friendly UPS guy. (He's always smiling!)

The paperbacks are available at Amazon
here is the Kindle

Paperback: Barnes & Noble
(nook should be available here soon)

And there are several (like 9) formats available here: Smashwords
and 3 more here: All Romance

The book trailer for River of Time is on my Website (on it's own page!)
and also at the Amazon and Smashwords site.  Or, you could just click below:

So, while you patiently wait, and spend some quality time reading...(reading is always good)
I'll reward you with a little sneak peek at the cover. Shhh, I have not posted it anywhere else just yet, so you, my favorite peeps, will get first dibs at seeing the awesome cover, (gracious thanks to my artist, Martina Avery-Perry, who also did the River cover!)

Artwork for cover of book 4

I just ordered the proof today, so we'll see how it looks in person on the actual cover.  Hoping it passes the test, (and I don't find any mistakes on the interior) and then my publishing date of December 1 shall stand!! Keep your fingers crossed!

Have a great week, and keep your eyes open for my interview by Gina McKnight.  Hoping to give you the link within a week or so!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


In case you missed the updates on my facebook writer's page, (not sure how that could be possible) or on my regular facebook profile, (ditto) or on my Book page on facebook...

Or perhaps on my twitter account, or my Website...

Or even on Google+...

I just thought I'd mention (in passing) that Book Three of the Ravenswynd Series is now available! 

How cool is this picture?

The Paperback is available here: Ravenswynd Visions

or at Amazon, here: Ravenswynd Visions

And if you prefer reading on your Kindle, then click here: Kindle Edition

For those of you who have other e-readers, there are several downloads available at Smashwords:  Ravenswynd Visions

And last but not least: All Romance has several types of downloads available too:
All Romance/OmniLit

I have been told that both the paperback and the Nook should be available at
Barnes & Noble within the next few weeks. 

And for all of you die-hards (you know who you are) who are waiting for book 4 before you purchase and read books 2 and 3...I am currently working on the book cover. I've already uploaded the document, and even though my original intent was to have book 4 ready by December...I'm actually thinking of publishing it sooner.  

One more update:
My time-travel novel River of Time, is DONE.  I already have the main cover picture, but my mom came up with an awesome idea for it...so my artist and I are putting our heads together and seeing if it's possible. And for you faithful followers, here's a sneak peek at the cover - so far.

Either way, I have a feeling it will be published before Ravenswynd Destinies. 

Although I do have several more time-travel books in the works, River of Time is a stand-alone novel. The only similarity between all of these books will be the TIME-TRAVEL...nothing else.

I don't think I'll be writing any more series for a while...
although someone (you know who you are too) is asking me to write another book...she didn't want the Ravenswynd Series to end! 

Back to work I go...

Have a great week!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Big Sale!

I'm getting ready to publish book 3 in the Ravenswynd Series and thought I'd share my book trailer video here:

Hope you like it!

Let me know what you think, and feel free to follow me on youtube to get more video updates!

Book one and two will be on sale during the next few weeks! (Kindle version)
Check them out on Amazon!

And here's a sneak peek at the cover!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How I Spent My Summer

Are you sick of all of my book updates yet?  Like here on my blog, and my Facebook Writer's page and my Facebook Book page, and my personal page, and Goodreads, and Google+ and Twitter and my website???

Are you tired of hearing about all of my writing and editing and marketing and making book trailer videos? 

        Well, if you are, don't worry.  I am too. 

This self-promotion stuff is for the birds

So, just for a change of pace...I'll tell you what I'm NOT doing this summer...but be warned...it might sound a bit depressing...

There were no picnics,
playing out in the park.
No long strolls at night,
walking out in the dark.

I've had no cookouts,
went to no baseball games.
I did not go camping,
see the bonfire flames.

I never walked barefoot, 
out in the grass.
I did not go fishing,
for giant sea bass.

No vacation or road trip,
no swim in a lake.
I did not go out,
for lobster and steak.

No bike ride or boating,
and no County fair.
Eating corn dogs and candy,
I did not go there.

No rainy day porch swing,
not one day at the zoo.
No roller coasters,
and no barbecue.

I went to no beaches,
to lay in the sun.
I barely remember
having that kind of fun. 

     Lets face it...summer was much more fun when we were kids...

How did you spend your summer? Working or Playing?

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shoes and Books

Just a few updates on my novels...but first...aren't these shoes awesome?

                                          I can picture Elizabeth wearing these~

 If you read the Ravenswynd Series, you'll know who Elizabeth is...

Okay... back to business:

  Ravenswynd Dreams is now available on Smashwords

  and on All Romance

  and Amazon finally linked the paperback and the Kindle
  together  here: Amazon

  Only the paperback is available at Barnes & Noble
  but as soon as Smashwords accepts the e-pub book
  into their Premium Catalog, it will be available on the
  Nook.  (I had uploaded it myself for Legends, but then there
  was a big mix-up once Smashwords also uploaded it there.)
  Lesson learned: Have some patience.

 Good News!
I have recently received several reviews on GoodReads, and I'm so happy to see that (so far)people seem to like Ravenswynd Legends !  YAY!

Here are the kind of shoes I picture Amrita wearing
 (If you read Book One, you'll know why...and who she is!)

  or these:

Don't forget to check out  My Website and sign up for my newsletter!
(Click over to the "contact" page to sign up.)  While you're on the site, 
 you can view both book-trailer videos, if you haven't already seen them!

OH, in case you were wondering...here are the kind of shoes I wear:

                                                           Boring, but comfortable!

Have a great weekend!

And thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Book Two is Available!

Ravenswynd Dreams is available at my Createspace Store!

Amazon has not put the two editions together on my author page yet, so there are still two distinct links.  
Not sure what the holdup is, but they've assured me that they're working on it...

I'm still working on getting the e-book uploaded to all the other sites, including Smashwords, OmniLit / AllRomance, and Barnes & Noble.

I'm also working on getting My Website updated.  I've added an email subscription service, so if anyone would like to sign up to receive my newsletters, please feel free! 

I also updated the page up above titled "My Novels" if you'd like to take a peek.

On another note:  My head is spinning...

I'm working on ways to make my life a bit easier...(haha) trying to figure out how to condense all of my online time.  It's just SO time-consuming to be updating my website, my blog, my facebook writer AND book pages, not to mention my personal profile, goodreads, Google+, twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, and this Blog, and still find time to edit or write.  

It's exhausting!

As it is, I rarely get on twitter, hardly know what to do in Linkedin, only get on g+ when I get a notice on my phone...and don't even get me started on Pinterest.  (I've looked at other profiles, and I know how easy it would be to get sucked into that one too!) 

Seriously, who has time for all of this?  And yet, all of the people "in the know" who write awesome blogs for self-published authors tell us how important it is to be visible - to keep up with all of the marketing strategies, and say we must make sure we have an online presence.  Well, my online presence is taking over my LIFE! (not to mention my writing time)

I am completely blown away when I see some of my author friends who blog several times per week, some of them - almost daily.  I'm lucky if I find time to blog once a week, but when I'm in the midst of writing or editing, it's more likely to be once a month.

There's got to be a way to do this in a shorter amount of time and yet still stay visible.  Right? 

Of course, it doesn't help that Facebook has - and continues to change their algorithms...I'm quite sure that my 500-some followers rarely see my posts and it makes me completely insane.  I mean, what's the point in all this, if no one even knows you're posting anything? I feel like I'm lost in the crowd most of the time...

I am mere moments away from chucking the whole thing...

How have you (fellow writers) managed your online time?  Is there a way to weed out the sites that really are a waste of time?  I mean, when you post something on your facebook page, and then a day or so later, see the little words at the bottom that say "8 people saw this post" it makes you want to rip your hair out!  (I'm thinking of doing away with my "book page" altogether, and just keeping my Writer's page for that reason alone) 

Is anyone out there even seeing this blog?  Sometimes I really wonder...(I can't even remember the last time I got a comment here, other than the daily spam comments that are written by some random idiotic computer program and - which make absolutely no sense)

Thanks for listening to my rant...
Happy writing...if you find the time...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just a Quick Update

I thought I'd update those of you who may not be following me on FaceBook or Twitter, and let you know that book two of the Ravenswynd Series will be available soon!

Here is the awesome cover!

What do you think?

I recently received the Proof for book two, so I am working on that now and hope to have it published sometime in June.  Stay tuned for more information here, or any of these sites:

 FaceBook Writer Page

 FaceBook- Ravenswynd Series Page

 My Website

I've also changed the cover for book one (for a couple of reasons).

One, by putting the word 'Legend' up on the top, it will now be visible on the spine of the book.
Prior to that, the only thing that showed up was Ravenswynd. (sure wish I had figured that out earlier) 
And two, it now "matches" book two!

So here is the new cover for book one:

And, speaking of book one, the GoodReads contest will be over on May 31st, so there is still time to sign up for a free copy!  Just click here:

 Giveaway contest

Thanks for following, and have a great week!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good Reads Giveaway!!

Announcing  my very first

Giveaway Contest!

All you have to do is click here:


The screen will look just like this 

And all you have to do is clickfor a chance to win!  

will pick the lucky winners on May 31st.

And then I will send you a FREE copy of   

In the meantime, after you click enter to win, if you are already on GoodReads, be sure to list Ravenswynd Legends on your To Be Read List!

If you're not on GoodReads, you should sign up!
It's a great place to meet other readers and even some of your favorite authors! They have awesome contests, and you can join reading groups where you can meet like-minded folks who will gladly recommend awesome books to you.

PS. I would greatly appreciate my winners (after they read my book, of course) to be kind and post a review on


 Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Video Book Trailer

UPDATE: This is a new video...

(After speaking with several people, I discovered that I need permission to use the music from the previous video...This video is almost the same as the first one, but I am using music from Jamendo, which is a creative commons site where you can use the music for free as long as you give credit to the artist) At least that's what they tell me and what the website says.  In the meantime, I am still trying to get permission for the other song, since it fit the video and my book perfectly!

Hope you enjoy this one as much as you did the first one... sigh...

The rest of the blog is the same...except for the video's music...

I know it is quite unusual for me to post two blogs in one month, especially with all the publishing, editing, promoting, advertising, marketing, etc. going on...but, I just had to share this video with all of you.  (especially those of you who don't follow me on facebook, twitter or google+)  And now that I'm thinking about it, why aren't you?

My darling, awesome, super-talented granddaughter, Rachael helped me with the video.  She worked until 2 a.m. last night (Aww, come-on, I let her have a few breaks) and besides, she is over 18 now...

Me and Rach - Fall 2012

But I digress...
Rachael is a writer - you can read about her here: My Post of Rachael

If you'd like to follow her blog, it's here: Rachael's blog   


LIKE her writer's page here: Rachael's Writer's Page

The reason I've posted her links for you is since she is so super-awesome at making these videos, perhaps some of you may wish to contact her to make a video for you! Trust me, she's a perfectionist too.  Each time I thought my video was good/done, she did more tweaking to make it even better.


So, what did you think of the video?

See what I mean?  And this is just the tip of the iceberg...she writes -(stories and songs)  she draws, she reads voraciously, she's taught herself to play the piano, and is learning (self-taught) how to play the guitar now- AND she's been accepted to all the Universities that she applied to!! 
(She'll be going to the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater in fall.)

Thanks again, my beautiful Rachael.  This Grandma is so very proud of you! ♥  

Thanks for reading/watching

Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Awesome Dream

Some of you may know the story about how Ravenswynd Legends was born, but I thought I'd share it with those of you who don't.

It all started with a dream...

I had a vivid dream about being bit by a vampire.  Never before had I ever even dreamed about vampires.  (parts of this dream ended up in chapter 13 and 14...)

In the dream there was a fight scene, not as vivid as being bitten, but it also ended up in the book in chapter 15.


After I had written quite a few chapters, it occurred to me that I had to add a scene that actually happened to me one day at a Mall.  Of course I changed it to fit the characters, but the man was real. His hair was really long, he had a long trench coat on, and I never did see his face.  You can read that scene in my Excerpt page if you like.

And the rest is history...
If you'd like to read the paperback edition, here's the link to my book
Or your choice of paperback or Kindle here: Amazon
On Amazon you can "look inside" to read some sample chapters if you like.  Have fun!
If you do read the book, please be sure to leave a review for me! 

Have a great week!

Click above to leave a comment!

Click above to leave a comment!

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