Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ravenswynd Legends

Ravenswynd Legends is available!

I am very happy with the way the paperback turned out, but a bit confused with the way it uploaded on Amazon's KDP site.  If you order a Kindle version, you'll see what I mean.
My table of contents is not right...and there is NO way to fix it.  It looks fantastic on my word document and on the online CreateSpace document checker, and the paperback proof is perfect.
But when you open the Kindle version, there are lines dividing the chapters, but only about 3/4 of the way down, and then the lines end and the numbers stop lining up...ACK.

I thought about trying to fix this issue, but since I don't even have any lines showing on my document, how the heck would I?

If anyone out there knows a fix for this, please let me now...I'm already getting book two ready for publication!  (My artist is working on the cover) yay!

If you're interested...you can order the paperback edition Here:
Ravenswynd Legends on CreateSpace

Or Paperback OR Kindle edition) Here: Ravenswyn Legends on Amazon

Exciting times!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement.


  1. WoooooHooooo!!!!! Is this exciting or What? ♥♥♥ You Go Girl.

  2. WoooooHooooo!!!!! Is this exciting or What? ♥♥♥ You Go Girl.


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