Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shoes and Books

Just a few updates on my novels...but first...aren't these shoes awesome?

                                          I can picture Elizabeth wearing these~

 If you read the Ravenswynd Series, you'll know who Elizabeth is...

Okay... back to business:

  Ravenswynd Dreams is now available on Smashwords

  and on All Romance

  and Amazon finally linked the paperback and the Kindle
  together  here: Amazon

  Only the paperback is available at Barnes & Noble
  but as soon as Smashwords accepts the e-pub book
  into their Premium Catalog, it will be available on the
  Nook.  (I had uploaded it myself for Legends, but then there
  was a big mix-up once Smashwords also uploaded it there.)
  Lesson learned: Have some patience.

 Good News!
I have recently received several reviews on GoodReads, and I'm so happy to see that (so far)people seem to like Ravenswynd Legends !  YAY!

Here are the kind of shoes I picture Amrita wearing
 (If you read Book One, you'll know why...and who she is!)

  or these:

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OH, in case you were are the kind of shoes I wear:

                                                           Boring, but comfortable!

Have a great weekend!

And thanks for reading!


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