Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How I Spent My Summer

Are you sick of all of my book updates yet?  Like here on my blog, and my Facebook Writer's page and my Facebook Book page, and my personal page, and Goodreads, and Google+ and Twitter and my website???

Are you tired of hearing about all of my writing and editing and marketing and making book trailer videos? 

        Well, if you are, don't worry.  I am too. 

This self-promotion stuff is for the birds

So, just for a change of pace...I'll tell you what I'm NOT doing this summer...but be might sound a bit depressing...

There were no picnics,
playing out in the park.
No long strolls at night,
walking out in the dark.

I've had no cookouts,
went to no baseball games.
I did not go camping,
see the bonfire flames.

I never walked barefoot, 
out in the grass.
I did not go fishing,
for giant sea bass.

No vacation or road trip,
no swim in a lake.
I did not go out,
for lobster and steak.

No bike ride or boating,
and no County fair.
Eating corn dogs and candy,
I did not go there.

No rainy day porch swing,
not one day at the zoo.
No roller coasters,
and no barbecue.

I went to no beaches,
to lay in the sun.
I barely remember
having that kind of fun. 

     Lets face it...summer was much more fun when we were kids...

How did you spend your summer? Working or Playing?

Have a great week!

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