Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Dear Readers,

I just looked up the meaning of the word - Syndrome on WordWeb -
This is one of the meanings I found -
Syndrome: a complex of concurrent things.

And now I think I'm suffering from a new syndrome. 

They call this new syndrome SNAPOS.
Short for:

(No one really knows who "They" are)

SNAPOS makes one tired, irritable, lethargic, and basically - sick of the computer.  For a writer, that is a very BAD thing.

This is a fairly new syndrome, so new in fact, that most physicians are completely unaware of it. At the current time, the main carriers of this syndrome tend to be indie writers who spend far too much time on the internet doing all sorts of things in the name of MARKETING. Some of these things may include, but are not limited to:
Blogging, Networking, Face-booking (posting-sharing-liking), Pinning, Tweeting, Google-plus-ing, YouTube uploading, Goodreads-reviewing, Linking-In, and last but certainly not least, having a WEBSITE of their very own.

In addition to a regular Facebook Profile, some writers have set up a Facebook Page specifically geared for their writing and/or individual Book or Series. Perhaps they even have two or more Google+ pages, one Personal and one for their Book Series. Many have uploaded their book-trailers to YouTube. And most of them have a Blog and Twitter accounts as well as Pinterest, GoodReads, and LinkedIn accounts.  All in the hopes of advertising their books...having an "Online Presence" AND...Getting their NAME out there...

But here's what's really happening:
Raring to GO!
Here we go...

almost gone...

Just looking at all this work  networking is making me dizzy...

By the way; Social Networking and Promoting Overload Syndrome (SNAPOS)is no respecter of race, ethnicity, religion, creed, color, gender, level of education, genre choice, or planet of origin.  If you are an Indie Writer, SNAPOS will get you in the end, and you will wonder why you have no energy left for actually living your life, much less doing what you love the most: Writing.

Since there is no cure for SNAPOS, I suggest you  Do nothing for 2 minutes  at least once every day. It may help... and it's quite relaxing. (Turn you speakers on)

THIS is my new favorite picture/meme: 

Try to have a great (productive) week!

And thanks for reading/commenting/clicking on the blue links.


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