Thursday, January 22, 2015


     I'm really getting excited now...

     My contemporary romance book is     
    almost ready for publication!

     So keep your eyes peeled

      for THIS: 

This may be old news for some of you, but this book is actually the very first book I ever wrote...many, many years ago...

Last January (2014) I finally started the massive re-write that it really needed.

I had planned to have it published by fall, but then... we decided to buy a house: 

And we moved in exactly 3 days before Thanksgiving...
Yes, we had dinner here with the kids and grand kids...

Then came all the unpacking...

 and then Christmas...
(Notice there are absolutely NO ornaments on the tree...since I hadn't found the bin they were in yet.)

Finally... got back to my proof...and went to work...proofing...and I just finished yesterday...

Now awaiting my final copy before the big publication day!
Here's the whole cover, ISBN and all!

Song of Memory is a heartwarming story about two lonely people who, after nearly twenty years of separation, attempt to piece together exactly what happened to rip them apart.

For those of you who haven't seen the book trailer, here is your chance:

I promise to post links to Amazon the moment the book is available.
Smashwords edition will be available soon thereafter. 

What's next, you ask?  I'm working on two more time-travel novels.  One of them would be considered time-travel-romance, the other, time-travel-adventure...
Can you tell which is which by the pictures?

This beauty will be featured in 
Island of Time

And the picture above is the one that inspired me to write
Garden of Time  

My totally awesome artist friend, Martina Avery-Perry has already started working on her rendition of it for my cover.
Here's a tiny corner of it for your viewing pleasure: 
Isn't she super talented? Wait till you see the whole picture!!

Thanks for reading, and for your continued support and encouragement!

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