Sunday, February 15, 2015


NO LONGER COLLECTING DUST BUNNIES!                             

My 6th novel is available! (This book was actually the first one I ever wrote)

The "FROM the AUTHOR" note on Amazon explains it all:

SONG OF MEMORY is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons.
I wrote the story while still home-schooling my youngest son (who is now 28 years old) 
As some of you know, this book was put on hold (or stuffed under my bed) for too many reasons to mention here...
But last January (2014) I began the long process of re-writing - finishing up by October...(and then we moved...again...)
After all the blood, sweat, and tears, and dragging the manuscript around from Wisconsin to Kansas City - to Davenport, Iowa - and back to Wisconsin...(three places mind you) it's finally done!
Even though this is my 6th published is actually my very
Here's hoping you all like it!

Back of the book:

I’ve been known to lose things now and then.  Most often it’s something small - like earrings, sunglasses, or keys.  Occasionally a lone sock vanishes without a trace. Eventually these things will be found, replaced or forgotten.  But some things that disappear are people. 
And apparently - I’m one of them. 
What do you do when you’re finally found, but you didn’t even know you were missing?

I’ve lost my share of things. Most were nonessential, like pocket change, gloves, and an umbrella.  I once lost my favorite old fishing hat when it blew right off my head and out to sea. But some things that disappear are irreplaceable; perhaps the most valuable thing in your life - like your wife. What do you do if you’re fortunate enough to finally find her, but she has absolutely no memory of you?

Song of Memory is a heartwarming story about two lonely people who, after nearly twenty years of separation, attempt to piece together exactly what happened to rip them apart.

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Song of Memory by Sharon Ricklin Jones

Song of Memory

by Sharon Ricklin Jones

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