Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Ravenswynd Series

A quick update on my newest endeavor.

I just released the complete Ravenswynd Series in a boxed set! At this point, it's only available at Amazon in Kindle format. (This may change in the future) 

However, if you've joined the Kindle Unlimited plan, you can get the entire series for free! 

See the Boxed set here

During this process (reformatting all 4 books so that they are in one complete file) I learned how to bookmark specific pages so that the Contents page is clickable, and takes you directly to the book of choice! Here's a little video explaining how to do it; it's a bit different than the one I found, but basically still does the same thing.

I also learned how to make sure that each new chapter starts on a new page, rather than blend altogether with the previous page. (all you have to do in Microsoft word is click on the page layout tab, then go to breaks, then click the tab under section break that's labeled Next page)

I also realized that the emblem I used in my word documents does NOT carry over in the Kindle books, I suppose due to the fonts they utilize. It was a little dagger, like this:
And I had them at the beginning and end of each prologue just to separate it from the rest of the book. So instead, I learned how to add pictures. Here's the new dagger I'm using now, and it actually carries over in the Kindle document! (the red frame is only here, not on the Kindle)

Pretty cool, huh?
Well, as you can plainly see, I am very excited about my new boxed set, and I hope if any of you have previously read only one or two books, you can now read the rest for a measly $4.99 and still have access to all 4 books in one place! And since I've learned a few formatting tricks, they actually look much nicer now than they did as single editions!

Have a great week!

And thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It's April 15th, and here in the U.S. it's 
TAX day!

Even those who are not getting a refund will be breathing a sigh of relief when they drop those returns in the mail. To help celebrate (or offer an economical escape from reality), AllRomance is offering (for today only) a 25% discount on selected e-books!

MY BOOKS at AllRomance

Or, check out the rest of the sale here:

You can't beat the prices! 

Have fun!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

$0.99 Cent Book Blast

Hey everyone!
Come on over and check out the 

99 Cent Book Blast

April 10th, 11th and 12th!
(e-books only)

River of Time is one of those books! 

What are you waiting for? Go check them out!!

Have fun shopping!

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