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Please check out my latest time travel romance novel!! 
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Ripley Tremont has been missing since April of 2016. 
There's been talk about kidnapping, murder, and a possible cover-up. 
The most often circulated rumors are the wild claims of alien abduction.  
Although she did not leave home of her own volition, Ripley won't be
coming back, and looking for her would be a waste of time. 
Ripley Tremont is alive and well, and living in the year 2416.

Back of the book blurb:

Imagine what it might be like after taking a nice hot shower, to open the curtain and find yourself in another dimension in time and space. Everything and everyone you ever knew – is gone. 

That is exactly what happened to me - Ripley Tremont. One minute I’m drying off with a soft, fluffy towel, the next – I’ve traveled far into the future and end up in a strange new world. Worse yet, this particular planet remains locked in a state of perpetual winter - and not like the wimpy earth winters I was used to either. Being outside for more than a few minutes is downright hazardous, unless you’re into becoming an ice sculpture. Which I sort of was, for a while… 
As if being transported to a frozen world wasn’t bad enough, I’ve learned that I’m residing within the only livable place on the planet, and, it just happens to be a prison! The guards are androids that seem far too human, and some of the convicts are sinister extraterrestrial beings, but all the weirdness aside – I guess things could be worse – at least I’m alive. 
There are a couple of humans here, brothers no less, and they’re as different as night and day. Strangely enough, they’ve told me I need to write a book about my experience here so we can send it back in time. So here it is…
By the way, the future is amazing! Wish you were here!

Book Trailer Video:

Frozen in Time is available everywhere:

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Frozen in Time by Sharon Ricklin Jones

Frozen in Time

by Sharon Ricklin Jones

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