Sunday, February 5, 2017


So...I've moved again.

This time it's just me and my mom. And, assuming most of you follow my facebook profile and/or author page, you probably already know why. I'm not one to post blatant updates...but I have hinted here and there... and if you can read between the lines you know I'm now separated and quickly moving toward a divorce. 

After 31 years it came as quite a surprise. At first everyone was in shock.  It all makes sense now, but I will spare you the gory details as I am attempting to get on with my life and stay positive.

Sadly, I have not written a word since publishing my last book. Hopefully as things begin to settle down, I'd like to get back to finishing Island of Time. Yes, another time travel, but at this moment I can't see any romance in this one...

Ironically, my first time travel - River of Time - ended up being quite a prophetical novel. So if you really want to see some of the gory details, read it! I was editing (actually completely removing) my dedication (which was to him) and skimmed over some of the book, having forgotten some of the particulars myself. I was completely flabbergasted by the similarities of Maggie's discoveries regarding her ex, and mine. Very strange, indeed. But, enough looking back.

It's high time to move

 I must 

And believe there's a

Here are some photos of my new apartment in Waukesha

My room

Our little kitchen...with a dishwasher!

Mom's room

 living room and the door to the garage. 

Living room, looking into the dining room.

Dining room/my writing area

AND, the best part about my move...I'm closer to the kids and grandkids now!!!

Me and Annabelle Lee

Wish me luck!
and thanks for reading.

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