I never expected this!

From Kathleen Doyle

From Stephanie Poscente

From Stephanie Poscente

From Lisa McFerren

From Dean Pace-Frech

Links to these wonderful people:

S.B. Poscente's blog:

Lisa McFerren's blog:

Dean Pace-Frech:

Kathleen Doyle:

I think you guys are pretty awesome too!!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Ravenswynd Legends. I never imagined what it might be like to be turned by a vampire, but a few pages in to this story and I had to know. I could not set it down. Now I am thirsting for more. Best read late on a moonlit night, with a flickering candle's dancing shadows and a goblet of wine - color me dark burgundy!

    1. Sure wish you would post this review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. That's where it will do the most good!!!

      But thanks, and I think I know who you are...
      Do you live in NM??

  2. Done;
    Mickey O'Ricky


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