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RAVENSWYND LEGENDS       (84,231 words )                     
Book One                                                                                  

Elizabeth Rose, a senior at Rhode Island College, is an excellent student.  She never misses a class and has each day planned to the minute.  She and her twin sister, Melinda have known their kooky friend, Fiona, since junior high and have put up with her unrivaled fascination with vampires for as long as they can remember. Fiona raves about all the strange local legends - especially the one known as the Raven Legends: once every ten years vampires gather in Providence to attend a very exclusive party.  Rumor has it that a few "privileged" humans are often invited - hand-picked, and sworn to secrecy of course. Elizabeth must make the biggest decision of her life when Fiona announces that she has, in fact, received such an invitation... and not only is she planning on going, she wants Elizabeth to join her.

From the back of the book:

Stepping over the edge of darkness and deep into the secret world of vampires, twins, Elizabeth and Melinda discover that their friend, Fiona was right: the legend is real.

Everyone’s having fun at the masquerade party, but all Elizabeth wants is to get through the night and return to her charming new love interest. However, as the evening grows ominous, chances are, they may never get home…Melinda is getting drunk, Fiona’s gone missing, and a nightmarish clown is stalking Elizabeth. And even more terrifying - this sinister vampire thirsts for much more than what’s flowing through her veins.

Instead of a carefree evening of dining, 
dancing, and drinks - there will be danger, 
there might be hard decisions, and there 
may be despair.

But…there definitely will be blood.


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RAVENSWYND DREAMS  (83,860 words)
Book Two
                                     Spoilers (for those who have not read book one)

From the back of the book:  

Let me tell you a little-known secret. Being turned into a vampire doesn't necessarily guarantee freedom from fear or danger. All of that silly happy-ever-after gibberish about immortality isn't all it’s cracked up to be either. And furthermore, living forever in a state of bliss and contentedness is actually a blatant lie. I wish someone had told me. Elizabeth Amarande Rose Bertrand’s first day as a vampire was definitely not what she’d expected, what with nearly losing her beloved twin sister. And after a short reprieve and a warm welcome to Ravenswynd, her new home in England, it gets even worse. Her immortal life takes on a whole new twist and she finds herself living in a perpetual state of fear. Faced with unsettling rumors and revelations, her dreams become real-life nightmares. Suddenly finding herself up to her neck in a mind-bending abduction, Elizabeth believes that death itself would be better than being bound to someone she despises - bound by ancient law - for all eternity. The old saying is only too true: There actually are fates worse than death - even when you’re a vampire.






RAVENSWYND-VISIONS  (82,369 words)

Book Three

After an enlightening trip to the Hebrides...
A prophesy unfolds...
The rogue vampire attacks - again...
But this time, someone will die...

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RAVENSWYND-DESTINIES      (80,746 words)
Book Four

What could be worse than being stalked by a rogue vampire?  
Finding out that there are even more things lurking - in plain view...  
There are hunters out to exterminate your very existence...

And everyone that you know and love is in danger...



RIVER of TIME   (98,406 words)

Unable to let go of the past, Maggie St.James' only desire is to "fix" her broken marriage. Confident she's found the way to travel through time, she makes a ridiculously dangerous plan.
But will the benefits outweigh the risk?
With every detail planned perfectly, she begins her journey.
But there are two things she hadn't planned on: how to return to her own time...

And meeting Logan Maddox.

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Word count: 155,011

A mysterious encounter on a dark highway sets two lonely people on a course of discovery.

Sara's humdrum world is turned upside down when she meets a stranger who says he knows her from the past and that she'd disappeared without a trace twenty years ago. She's bewildered and confused; why would someone play such a cruel prank on her?   

Jack spent nearly two decades searching for her. But when he finally locates her, he is faced with a gut-wrenching discovery: Sara has absolutely no memory of him - or their life together.

Like a puzzle, Jack and Sara must piece back together the shreds of a life that was ripped apart. Their heartwarming story is one about loss, loneliness, and renewed love.

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word count: 77,677 

Emma Leigh Parker hates her life.
With a passion.

She's a woman with all the modern luxuries of life: a computer, a tablet, an i-pod, a cellphone, you name it.  She has a decent job, a nice apartment, and a gorgeous boyfriend, but she's tired of hiding the truth.  They are not the loving couple that everyone thinks they are and she's afraid that there's no escape.
Emma is given the opportunity to change her life; to start over...completely over.  But without all the modern conveniences she's so used to, will it be worth it?  She finds herself thrust back in time...way back...back to 1858...

                            (I was inspired by the painting below)
Springtime of Life

Here's the book cover! 

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Word count: 69,870

Ripley Tremont has been missing since April of 2016. There’s been talk about kidnapping, murder, and a possible cover-up. The most often circulated rumors are the wild claims of alien abduction. Although she did not leave home of her own volition, Ripley won’t be coming back, and looking for her would be a waste of time. Ripley Tremont is alive and well, and living in the year 2416

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  1. I can NOT wait to walk into a store someday in the future and see your books on the shelves! I didn't know you didn't have a name yet for Sara&Jack's story. Do you have any ideas for it yet??

  2. Nope...but I think about it all the time...
    I want something with morning...memory...mountain...
    Do You have any ideas?...after all, you are the only one who has read the entire book...


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